Thinking in terms of continuums, not pendulums

One of the most important mindsets you can have when changing your behaviour is understanding that actions happen on continuums, not all-or-nothing extremes.

This is what I call continuums, not pendulums.

Pendulum Thinking

  • All-or-nothing
  • On or off
  • Right or wrong
  • Succeed or fail
  • Intensity wins
  • Restrictive

Continuum Thinking

  • A little bit better
  • A little bit more
  • Shrink or scale
  • Reflecting and developing
  • Consistency wins
  • Expansive

With pendulum thinking, we swing between extremes of…

How to reframe your problems in a way that empowers you to change for the better

How often do you catch yourself explaining problematic situations as if they happen to you as opposed to understanding how you contribute to them?

A few examples:

“There’s never enough time to live a healthy lifestyle.”

“Life is far too busy for me to eat healthy all the time.”

“Traffic is terrible, that’s why I never get to the gym.”

Sound familiar?

Go on, raise your hand — it’s okay.

We all do it…

A note on the value of experimenting

The obstacles you might be facing on your path to better health and fitness might seem insurmountable right now.

You’ve got a bunch of shit going on in your life, and a mind that can’t seem to sit still.

If you’re in your mind a little too much, then consider this new experiment:

Think more, later.

Instead, act first.

Act your way towards change.

Act your way towards a feeling.

Act your way towards your goals.

Kind of like fake it ’til you make it mentality, but less likely to make you experience imposter phenomenon.

Up until now, you’ve been waiting for the perfect time. The…

Using ‘Opposite Days’ to shake old habits and stagnate thinking for innovative, sustainable change

Making drastic changes in our life doesn’t happen overnight.

It requires awareness, effort, and time. Within these variables, we need to ensure that we are doing the right things, not just doing anything.

What tends to happen is we focus too much on past behaviours — even if they’ve let us down.

Continuing to burn ourselves out with too high-intensity workouts.

Trying another fad diet.

Thinking we can do everything ourselves without asking for support.

Reading more and trying to acquire more knowledge…

3 strategies a manager can bring to the table each day to ensure better health for their team

What does a healthy workplace look like? It’s a loaded question, with many variables contributing to this optimized state of organizational well-being. But it only begins to form into a consistently meaningful shape when the managers are on board. …

Paul Keefe

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